Tuesday, June 1, 2010

things you find in the jungleyard....

On Sunday  Dad, and I began work on clearing the jungleyard from the back most part of our acreage here in the valley.  I kid you not....it was a jungle.....we haven't used the backyard in any sort of capacity in 15 years or so....it was a little overgrown.  as we were working we kept finding things.....yes....FINDING things.  buried under years of wild bushes, thorn bushes and mayhem (i hate thorn bushes).  so for my own amusement i kept a running list of what we unearthed....here it is:

things you find in the jungleyard: a list

1. empty plastic water bottle
2. LARGE chunk of asphalt
3. chicken wire buried in dirt
4. one 2x4
5. empty bag of doritos
6. two baseballs
7. half full plastic water bottle
8. rotted wood
9. half of a plastic bucket
10. what once was a red rubber ball
11. a fork
12. unidentified plastic object
13. many many miles of thorn vines
14. a wrapper for something
15. the yard cart
16. rusted metal thingie
17. lots of holes in the ground
18. rotted fence post

welcome to the jungleyard......to be continued.....

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