Wednesday, March 3, 2010


A few things that I find amazing:

1. Waking up in the morning

2. How anyone can love me even though I can be a royal pain in the ass sometimes

3. That the kids I teach are so innocent and the things they say are so observant

4. How easily trust can be broken and how hard it is to build it up again

5. How much I really love myself but don't like to admit it

6. How much regret I have

7. How much I've learned from my life

8. How smart my dad REALLY is

9. How I should really listen to my dad when he has advice for me

10. How much I love working with kids

11. How much I love working on an ambulance

12. Flowers when they start growing in the spring

13. Spring

14. How human my cat is

15. How much I love playing and listening to music

16. How my life has turned out

17. How my family and friends and always there for me

Thanks for listening to my random nonsense

Signing Off 13:05