Sunday, June 27, 2010

my life is what it is

my life is what it is
you don't like it stay the hell out
i listen to what other people have to say
i hear the whispers of them all, with their careers
their new cars, their husbands and wives
their big houses, their kids

i don't care and i don't compare
my life to theirs

i have a full time job, a car that's paid off, a boyfriend of two years,
live rent free, have a cat that is my kid, the fire house,
good friends, a mom and a dad, two sisters, a niece and one grudge

against all the people who want to know what i am doing
with my 30 year old life

its getting old folks!
the whispers, the comparisons, the talk, and the stares
the jokes, the rumors, I JUST DON'T CARE!

My life turned out this way for a reason
i do what i do and that is enough
for all you nay sayers
walk around in my shoes for a day
and i bet you couldn't live this way

so go back to your houses, cars, careers, and kids
i am perfectly happy the way that i live

c. 2010 Moonghozt

Signing Off 23:40

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