Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer is over?

Sorry about my lack of postings lately folks.  This summer has been very eventful for Teddy, D, and I so there hasn't been much time for writing.  Hell I haven't had much time for reading either!  You know things are seriously busy when I don't have time to read.

D and I drove to Maryland to see sister S and brother in law J last weekend.  It was a very fun trip down and we had a great time goofing off in Walmart (I saw a Mennonite woman and her kids!), eating at Sonic for the very first time (that place is super fun)!  We made friends with the people in the mini van next to us when I got out of the car to take pics of D and sister S.  The folks in the car on the other side of us asked about the ferret bumper sticker I have on my car.

I told them about Sir Teddy the awesome and showed them a picture.  They complimented him on his good looks! :)  I'm a proud mama!

I'd have to say the craziest part of the trip was the drive back home.

We stopped at Antietam to see the sites and after the cannon firing demo we got caught in the worst rain storm EVER.  Downpours.....everywhere!

Poor D drove us halfway through Pennsylvania before we got ahead of it and were able to stop and take a break.  Took about 8 hours to get home after we stopped at the PA Dutch gift shop, Cabela's (bought a weather radio), and Applebee's (for dinner), and the Vince Lombardi service area in NJ for fuel (it's cheap).

Boy was Teddy glad to see us when we got home!  :)

Signing off 17:41

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Teddy Speaks

Hi everyone!  It's Teddy!  After my introduction blog Mommy said I was a pretty good writer.  She helped me sign up for my very own email address and my own Facebook page!!  I now have my own handle here on blogger so I can post blogs on Mommy's blog.  I just wanted to post my info on here so if anyone wants to be my friend they can find me!

My email address is

My Facebook page is

Hope to see you all soon...I'm going to take a nap!

Love and kisses