Wednesday, June 30, 2010

speaking of....


what is life? how do you define it?
is just BEING good enough?
should you try to improve your being?
are you good enough as you are?


i like being who i am,
i've gotten quite used my being in the last 30 years
what would come about if i couldn't stand myself?
would i change into someone else or
would i continue to hate myself?

at least that's one person i don't have to worry about

things to change part 1:

my bad attitude
intolerance of stupidity
people's inability to handle the simplest tasks without fucking up
the way the planets are aligned
the surface of the sun
the way the sun makes my hair burning hot when i've sat in the car for awhile on a hot day
certain people's immaturity and pure disregard for others
my brown eyes
the spot on the rug of unknown origin


live life to the best of my ability
take things as they come and go
don't worry so damn much
i'm in love with my air conditioner
bed head is bad news
what matters at noon doesn't necessarily matter at 3am
loves makes the heart grow
understanding is understandable


Signing Off 00:30

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