Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I turned 30

well the day has finally come....I'm now 30.....I've left my 20's behind with a bang! WELCOME 30!
Only it didn't start out so well......I found out this morning that a close friend took his own life.....
I'm at work and I get the call......
I had to step out into the hall so I wouldn't lose it in front of the kids.....
This fucking sucks.....I need to write a poem which will probably follow this blog up.


On a happier note Sooie gave me the COOLEST present! She made me a photo album of pics of me from when I was little up till now!

So happy birthday to me happy birthday to me happy birthday I'm awesome happy birthday to me!
check out the link below for some birthday humor at my expense!

Meri sings Happy Birthday to Herself

Signing Off 00:23

Monday, April 5, 2010


today is the first day of the rest of my life
today is my little sister's birthday....she is 28
today is monday
today i can't sleep
today i go back to work
today i am writing a new blog
today i am contemplating buying a new laptop
today is 22 days before my birthday
today i realized that in 22 days i will be 30
today is a good day to start something new
today my eyes are brown
today it is dark outside
today i will wear shorts
today i did not get a sunburn
today my blackberry needs a reboot
today expect the unexpected
today its finally warm
today will be ok
today my back will not hurt
today i will stick to my diet
today the enter key on my laptop will work
today i will be happy
today she sells seashells by the seashore
today i will talk to myself
today i can hear the raccoons in my neighbors trash
today i will forgive myself
today i will just be me
today has come
today is not tomorrow.....yet

Signing Off 01:42