Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This has really nothing to do with anything else here except itself (Gathering Time)

first off it's Mabon! Happy Mabon! for those of you who aren't sure of that exactly I can propose some help which I got from Wikipedia as follows....
"Autumnal Equinox: The holiday of Autumn Equinox, Harvest Home, Mabon, the Feast of the Ingathering, Meán Fómhair or Alban Elfed (in Neo-Druidic traditions), is a ritual of thanksgiving for the fruits of the earth and a recognition of the need to share them to secure the blessings of the Goddess and the God during the winter months. The name Mabon was coined by Aidan Kelly around 1970 as a reference to Mabon ap Modron, a character from Welsh mythology.[14] In the northern hemisphere this equinox occurs anywhere from September 21 to 24. In the southern hemisphere, the autumn equinox occurs anywhere from March 18–22. Among the sabbats, it is the second of the three harvest festivals, preceded by Lammas/Lughnasadh and followed by Samhain."

Next stop: Samhain (Oct 31)

Well enough of that! I HAD to post this video (I will in just a in a minute after I finish babbling) because although this video has really nothing to do with anything else in this particular post except itself, I love it!

The people in the video are my friends Glen, Stu, and Hillary and they are this awesome folky rock trio called Gathering Time ( Angus and I are groupies of Gathering Time's and we are called The Gatherers (thanks to Hillary for the name). We gather at their shows, sing, dance, harass the band, and generally just have a swell time!
So anyway, Angus posted me this video on facebook and I felt like I just had to share it with my blogging world. After all this is my blog and I post whatever I want. The band is also particularly awesome and they write their own songs too. They have a CD out now called Songs Of Hope And Freedom and the songs and harmonies are killer. Really killer. So without further blathering on from me, here they are....

Insanely good aren't they? Try to get to one of their live shows! Even better!!

Well that's all for me for now!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

This is more important than anything else!

I went to a rally today in Mineola with other members of my fire department. We were there to demand that we are being listened to and to drum up support for a family and a community who has been fighting an injustice for 4 years. That injustice is that Malverne Firefighter Paul Brady's (who was tragically killed in the line of duty in 2006) name has not yet been added to the Fallen Firefighters Memorial Wall in Albany! (

They gave out flyers there with info about how to contact your New York State Officials about supporting the 2 bills that are being proposed in the Assembly and the Senate.

Assembly Bill #A10836-A and Senate Bill #S8450 both propose to amend section 7 of the Volunteer Firefighters Benefit Law (VFBL) by adding a new subdivision which will mandate that the name of any Line of Duty Death be honored by inscribing the Firefighters name on the wall in Albany.

Contact your Assembly rep at
Just type in your zip code and then click on the rep that comes up for your district. When you are sent to their page click CONTACT on the left side of the page and send them an email asking them to support the assembly bill listed above and let them know WHY they should support it.

Contact you Senate rep at and send your rep an email asking them to support the senate bill listed above and let them know WHY they should support it.

If you need more info as to what happened to Paul I am posting some links below. Paul's name is on the NATIONAL MONUMENT in Maryland and the NASSAU COUNTY MONUMENT in Garden City. SO WHY IS HIS NAME NOT ON THE STATE WALL?


What a load of rediculous nonsense!

Paul Brady:

Please send your reps emails! This is the only way we are going to get this passed!!

RIP Brother! We won't stop until your name is on the wall where it should be!!

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

labor day already?

I did a 24 shift on call with the FD Friday into Saturday, cleaned out the EMS supply closet and made up an inventory list. Way to start a weekend! It's labor day already?? This time last year I was contemplating switching careers. This year I switched jobs again. Our new year is quickly approaching, Sooie and James booked their wedding venue, and school starts. Looking forward to assisting with wedding planning and enjoying fall. Can't believe it's labor day already!

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