Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Troubling Times In The World

Not sure how long this post is going to be so bear with me as I will ultimately get to my point.

This story begins some time ago when I became aware of a group based in California called Invisible Children through another of the activist groups that I am involved with.

Invisible Children was founded in 2008 to bring awareness to human rights violations.  Particularly the conflict that is going on presently in Uganda.

What conflict? You ask....  Have you ever heard of Joseph Kony?.... Who?.....The Lord's Resistance Army?......What?  Do you even know where Uganda is?....let me explain.....

The short version goes like this: 

Uganda is a country in Africa where most of the people who live there live in poverty.  (The following I have copied from Wikipedia at Wikipedia article on the LRA:)
"The Lord's Resistance Army insurgency is an ongoing guerrilla campaign waged since 1987 by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebel group, operating mainly in northern Uganda, but also in South Sudan and eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The movement, led by Joseph Kony, who proclaims himself the "spokesperson" of God and a spirit medium, aims to overthrow Yoweri Museveni's Ugandan government and to establish a theocratic state based on the Ten Commandments and Acholi tradition, according to its leaders.  The conflict, one of Africa's longest running, resulted in a very severe humanitarian crisis. The LRA is accused of widespread human rights violations, including mutilation, torture, rape, the abduction of civilians, the use of child soldiers, and a number of massacres."

Yes, you read that correctly....CHILD SOLDIERS.  Joseph Kony orders the abduction of children from their homes and turns them into slaves and child soldiers. He will often send them back to their villages with orders to KILL AND MUTILATE THEIR PARENTS.  This has been going on since 1987....I was in second grade in 1987!  It's 2012!  Things like this shouldn't be happening. This guy needs to be stopped.  

The Hague wants him to try him for his crimes.  The only problem is that they can't find him.  After much work by Invisible Children and US citizens, the government of the USA was convinced (for the first time EVER) to get involved in a foreign issue that did not threaten the USA's stability.  President Obama sent troops over to Uganda to act as advisors for the Ugandan military so they can get the training and skills needed to flush Kony out so he can stand for his crimes. 

We need to make Joseph Kony a household name and make a stand for all the children that have had to suffer at his hands.  I recently watched an excellent video that details the conflict in Uganda and the whole situation with Kony.  I will post the link below.  Please watch it and if you can take action.  The only way Kony will be stopped is if we ban together and take a stand.  

Enough is enough.  We need to save the lives of these kids before more have to suffer.

 Invisible Children on Facebook

Video about Kony 2012  

Invisible Children on Twitter 

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