Friday, March 30, 2012

And The Story Continues.....(Migraines: Part 2)

More about migraines!

Part 1 of the migraine story is here 

How fun is THAT?!

Actually they are not fun....

They suck....

Found out today through a friend that them giving me the Toradol in the ER was not OK!

This is a fact sheet about Toradol.  Everything a medical person will need to know about it.

See where it says "Absolute Contraindications"?


Well # 2 states: "Allergies to Aspirin or other NSAID's"

Yeah....that's what I have....and allergy to Ibuprofen....which is an NSAID!!

And they knew that...I told least twice.

I wasn't harmed by it except for some hives so I'm not going to complain about it any further.  Hope the ER staff learned something from my little mishap.

Anyway I digress....

I went to the neurologist today and he checked me over.  I have to go next week and get an MRI of my brain and the week after I get an EEG to see if there is anything afoot.  He did notice some nystagmus in my right eye but he says it could be the result of weak muscles in my eye or from hitting my head too many times.  He wants to see what the tests show before he come to an educated conclusion about why my migraines are getting worse.

He gave me Imitrex that I am supposed to take at the onset of a migraine and then 2 hours afterward if it's not better.  I asked some of my friends who take it and did some research and the reviews on it are mixed.  Some people say it works but only if you take it right away.  Some said it didn't work for them.  Haven't had a reason to test it yet (but seeing as I get at least 1 migraine a week) I probably will in the next 7 days or so.

The doc told me to see a record of when I get headaches and what may have brought them on so we can see if there is an established pattern to them.  Apparently there are may things that can bring them on: weather, food, stress, etc. So we shall see what happens.

Until then folks...send out peace and love and forget the hate.

Signing off 03:40

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