Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What urbandictionary.com has to say about me.....

Well I was bored today....what a surprise!

I was on facebook just before and I noticed a few of my friends had searched their names on www.urbandictionary.com and posted the results in their statuses (if that is even a word)

So I figured WHY THE HELL NOT!

"Meredith" as defined by www.urbandictionary.com

Meredith is another name for a cool, mellow girl. She can go with the flow, but if things get extreme, she can deal with it. She's funny when she wants to be, and can adapt to a variety of personalities. This brand of girl is usually found in the south, but you could find her anywhere. Oh yeah, and she's lactose intolerant.

Kind of funny considering the source.....and for those of you wondering....I'm NOT lactose intolerant!

According to a plaque that I have that explains my name origins"

Meredith is a Celtic/Welsh name which was originally used as a male name but now is primarily a female name. It means "Guardian of the Sea"

I like my name.....my Grandma Barbara picked it out....my parents wanted to name me Kimberly and my Grandma told them that she couldn't imagine a 90 year old woman in a nursing home being called Kim! So hence I am Meredith!

I can't imagine a 90 year old woman in a nursing home being called Meri...but she DID have a bit of a point..... :) She only lived to be 73 and everyone called her Bobbie....at least she didn't end up in a nursing home!

Love ya and miss ya Gram....I know you are keeping an eye on me from the next world :) Oh...and thanks for the kick ass name!

Signing Off 21:33

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