Monday, March 25, 2013

It's been THAT long?!

Seriously though.  It HAS been that long since I posted here on ATGAOP.  I guess I have to update what's been going on in the last 3 months since you heard from me last.

First of all let me say that D and I got ENGAGED on December 5th!  He totally took me by surprise by getting Teddy in on the act and proposed as I sat on the couch.....watching my PAJAMAS!  It was totally romantic and very sweet.  But that's how he is.  :)

We hosted dinner this year for Yulemas on Christmas Day (we have some Christians among us Pagans....but it's ok!)  We didn't burn or otherwise destroy the food (thanks for the help Ma) and had an entirely delicious dinner.

We went to visit D's family the weekend before and I got a blender from D's mama.  Very cool and awesome to make milkshakes in. :D

January and February came and went without any big stuff going on.  As per usual those two months are usually typically boring and that's fine cause I just want the winter to be OVER so we can start in with all the awesome spring stuff.  Like trips to the beach, hiking, and taking Teddy for walks (which he REFUSES to do when it's cold).

Well now it's March.  Hello March.  March is funny because it's an action as well as a month.  So technically you can march through March.  How many times can I say March in this blog.  Don't test me.  :)

We celebrated my Mom's birthday by taking her out for chinese food and getting her this embarrassingly HUGE cupcake balloon.  And then they gave her ice cream and we sang Happy Birthday as obnoxiously and as loudly as we could.  Super awesome and she was thoroughly mortified!

We attended my niece T's Sweet 16 party held at a night club!  She wore this GIANT red tulle ballgown and I spent part of the night reminding her and her friends to stop stepping on it!  No wardrobe malfunctions happened! Thank goodness!

I was moved to a new jobsite at the beginning of Manhattan.  I don't mind the commute because I don't have to drive.  I nap on the train.  Which is awesome.

We are heading to see D's parents this coming weekend so I will see ya next month with a new post!!

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