Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hi!!!! My name is Teddy!

THIS is Teddy!
Hello! My name is Teddy! I am a 4 month old white marked ferret.  My birthday is January 29, 2012.  I weigh around 2 pounds but mommy calls me "chubs" :D

 I live with my mommy and daddy in our little gray house.  Inside our house I have a huge cage that my mommy and daddy bought me and I love it!

I have a hammock and a sleeping bag in my cage and they are very soft and comfortable.  I spend my days hanging out in my cage while mommy sleeps after work.  Nights are spent running around the living room playing with my bell balls, chew rope and plastic rollie tube.  I also like to wrestle with my daddy and sneak around trying to scare mommy and daddy by jumping out from under the couch!

My daddy told me I was born in upstate New York on the Marshall farm where they raise ferrets.  After I was big enough they sent me to a pet store to live with other ferrets and to wait for someone to take me home.  I remember the day that my mommy and daddy came into the store.  Mommy came over to the cage and started talking to me and waving at me.  I went over to the wall of the cage because I wanted to get a better look at her.  They walked away and I started to eat because I was hungry.  A little while later my mommy came back and told my daddy that she wanted to see me.  The pet store man came over and opened the cage and picked me up.  I heard daddy talking to the pet store man about me and then mommy said she wanted me.  Daddy said the cage wasn't set up yet but mommy said she didn't care.  She said I was the one.  The pet store man took me from daddy and put me in a small cardboard box.  I was scared!  I wanted to go back to my big cage!

Daddy opened the top of the box and it was very bright out.  We weren't in the store anymore!  Mommy said we were in the car and they were taking me home!  I was scared again but they were very nice...talking to me and petting me.  When we got home they closed the box and left me in it for awhile.  I tried to get out but I couldn't.  I guess I'm still too small!  Later on daddy took me out of the box and put me in the sink to give me a bath.  I didn't like that too much so I played with the drain cover in the sink and then tried to get away from them when they took me out of the sink because I was cold!!

After I was dried off they put me in the living room with some toys.  I didn't want the toys but I did want to look around and see where I was.  I ran around for a little bit and explored.  The cage they put me in after it got dark was nice but I didn't like it because it was too small.  I heard Daddy say that I would be getting a new cage in the morning so I settled down and went to sleep.

The next day we went to the pet store (I went too in my new carrier!) and got me a new cage.  Daddy calls it my mansion!  It's HUGE!!  4 floors, a hammock, sleeping bag, 3 ramps, 2 potties, food dish and water bottle.  I have tons of toys too!  One of them is a ball that makes noises.  It dooks and meows and says doo doo doo doo doo!  My favorite toy is the one on the stick that has hair on it.
Mommy says I have to go to bed now so I will write more again another time.  I will have mommy put some more pictures of me so you can see how little and cute I am!  She says I have a whole album on her facebook page (she always has the camera in my face!).  Goodnight!!

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