Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Time for another pointless blog or, (look at my new Blackberry).

Hello again! Time for another pointless blog posting after 3am! :D This time it's actually about my new Blackberry Torch 2 (9810) :D

I realized a lot of what I write about makes no sense and is a rambling mess.  I have been wanting to actually start writing poetry again but haven't been thus motivated.  Something of substance will come out of my brain one day....hopefully.

Well yesterday was the day that I got my new Blackberry!  Thanks Fed-ex for coming back to my house to re-deliver because I am a putz and didn't hear the doorbell.

What can I say about it?  It's silver and black, has a touch screen AND a keyboard, and is probably the coolest piece of technology I have ever owned.  I put a screen protector on it already (apparently fingerprints annoy me) and ordered my otterbox for it (because sooner or later I WILL drop it).  I will be all set to go in case of nuclear holocaust or in case my klutziness kicks in again.  Because I got dinner with a friend last night and got up to steal a ketchup bottle off of another table and tripped over my own feet and fell down.  Graceful huh?!  He just laughed at me.....I think he still is too....

So I now am the proud owner of a VERY cool phone.  There are more features on it than there were on my old Bold....oh yeah, did I mention it has a TOUCH SCREEN?? So cool.

I'm gonna go do some work now (or watch a movie....)  Peace out!

Signing off 03:45

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