Friday, September 9, 2011

for lack of anything else to do (or..I am bored at work) and the breakup

For all the raving I do about my job (which I do love) there are moments (like this one at 04:45hrs) that there is NOTHING to do, NO ONE on the net to talk to, and I am BORED.  I guess I should update everyone on the latest happenings.  That being said...this could turn in to a L O N G blog post.  Not that I have anything else to do.  Had plenty to do yesterday here considering the fire alarm went off for 4 hours before someone came by to shut it off (I silenced the alarm here in our clinic trailer but the light was still blinking so I covered it with a towel).  Ridiculous.  But I digress....

I did all the computer entry/patient paperwork there was to do on this shift (took 2 hours) and am left with the rest of my 9 hour shift to do whatever.  Fantastic.

Digressing again....I warned you! :)

So I guess I need to let you guys in on a little secret.  OK well Angus and I split up.  Yeah...I know....I'm still a little sad about it but we decided it would be better for our mental health if we were just friends.  I liked that ring the end we realized that we weren't really happy.  In the end happiness must count for something.  So I won't dwell on it, I will move on and make the best of the situation.  Being single again....and now I'm 31 years old!  I guess this will give me more time to devote to the firehouse and to working.  I need a freaking hobby! :)

I mean, I write so I guess that could be a hobby.  Haven't written anything in awhile.  My motivation to do anything right now is pretty well nonexistent.  As in not present...I did go for a mile and a half walk today before I went to a meeting at the firehouse.  That was only because I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep.  Jeeze.  Only been sleeping 4-5 hours a day.  Which sucks when I wake up at 14:30hrs and don't have to be at work till 22:00.  Yeah...and then I fall asleep at work watching TV and wake up 20 minutes later.  Need to get more sleep.

Going camping in the morning with some friends.  I need to get the hell out of here for awhile.

Have a great weekend and I will see you on the flipside!

Signing off 05:01

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