Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May comes in with a sneeze!

Well May certainly came in with a sneeze at our house! Bronchitis is NOT a fun illness and I developed it about a week after having one of my patients sneeze in my face.  Eww.....I just knew I was going to get sick.

Sick I did get, and Derek hauled me off to the doctor.  I always self diagnose and so far on all occasions I have been right.  Dr. S confirmed my bronchitis and sent me home with a scrip for antibiotics, Robitussin with codeine, and a doctor's note.

I took up residence on the couch later that afternoon surrounded by my medication, a pot of Vicks Vapo-Rub, a box of tissues, a trash can (Giants....of course), a bottle of water, a bottle of orange Gatorade, the tv remotes, my Blackberry, my computer, my favorite pillow, my green Snuggie, and a giant fluffy blanket.  Derek had taken Wednesday off to care for me and my Mom came by Thursday to bring me more Gatorade and some cans of Cambells chicken noodle soup.

3 days out of work and then the weekend arrived.  I was feeling somewhat better.  We had to make a day trip to CT to pick up our new electric lawn mower....Sears delivered it to the wrong address!  Visited with Derek's Dad, his brother Chad, and their new dog Belle.  We had lunch with Joe and then hit Ikea before we headed home.  We bought a new memory foam mattress pad for our bed and a new memory foam pillow for me.  The pillow seems to be helping with my headaches some which is always good news.

Sunday found us back home where we slept in, did some yard work (Derek mowed the lawn) and then we took the rest of the day off by getting lunch and then camera shopping.  I bought a new camera and we went to the beach to test it out.  It has a VERY COOL sweep panorama feature which I tested and now have to figure out how to get the pics from the camera to the computer.  All in good time....we have 3 weeks until our trip.....hope that's enough time to figure out how it works!

Back at work and so far so good.

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